General Info

When lodging the application to the Visa Application Centre for Greece, applicants shall pay the Visa Fee and Service Fee, which may only be paid in RUB, and present the following Basic Documents:

1 Visa application form -Fully completed and signed by the applicant
2 Two recent passport-sized pictures

- In colour, 3.5 x 4 cm (approx. 1.2 x 1.6 inch)

- Facing forward, white background

3 Passport

- Valid for at least three months after date of return to Russia

- Containing at least two blank visa pages

- Issued within the previous ten (10) years

-1 copy of the identification page and 1 copy of all pages with visas, with any stamps or marks


Copy of the Internal Passport's Pages

with applicant's biodata


Medical insurance

(holders of diplomatic passports are exempted)

-Minimum coverage 30,000 EURO, for medical costs and medical repatriation, valid in all Schengen countries during the whole validity of the issued visa.


Additionally and according to the purpose of the journey, applicant shall present the necessary required documents

The GVCW Visa Application Centres for Greece are authorized by the diplomatic and consular authorities of Greece in the Russian Federation to collect visa applications on their behalf. The VACs for Greece are only responsible for collecting/ retrieving visa applications, and play no part in the decision making process of visa applications.

Holders of ordinary passports who wish to apply for a Visa are requested to kindly read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site are to help you prepare your documents as accurately as possible. This will reduce the risk of your application being incomplete or of unnecessary delays.

Holders of Diplomatic, Service and Public affairs passports are welcomed to submit their applications through the Embassy/ Consulate of Greece in Moscow.

For general information on NATIONAL – Long term visas (type D): kindly note that Visa Application Centres for Greece in Russia do not accept National-Long term Visas. Please, be advised to submit applications through the Consulates General of Greece in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk directly.

The Consular Authorities of Greece in Russia reserve the right to ask for additional documents and may call the applicant for an interview.

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Visa applicants' rights in case of rejection due to registration in the Schengen Information System or the National Record of Undesirable Foreigners please click here.  

Information request form about personal data processed in the National SCHENGEN Information System(N-SIS) please click here.